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Importance of Zero Trust Security

BBC News Interview – Gordon Lawson, CEO, talks about the importance of implementing zero-trust security measures to protect classified information and highlights the potential consequences that could stem from this recent leak.

How Businesses Can Defend Against Evolving Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks pose a major threat to both organizations and individuals, and they are continually evolving to become more sophisticated. Despite security professionals’ efforts and advancements in security technologies, traditional defenses still fail to protect against these attacks. However, with advanced security controls, such as browser security and awareness training for employees, organizations can minimize their chances of falling victim to attacks in 2023.

Phishing Attacks Evade Traditional Security Defenses

It’s no question that phishing attacks are evolving; threat actors are increasing in sophistication and their ability to bypass traditional security defenses. Traditional security training is no longer enough to protect your organization – it’s time for a new approach. To defend against phishing attacks in 2023, each email link clicked, and every URL visited, needs to be filtered on an instance-by-instance basis. To minimize the success of social engineering attacks, the zero-trust model is crucial.

It’s 2023 and We Are Still Worried About Ransomware

Ransomware continues to cripple organizations and countries, but why? The answer is simple – there is a gap in tooling. Many organizations continue to invest in tooling to address ransomware-related objectives. Despite the investments being made, the tooling doesn’t solve for ransomware’s biggest challenges. 85% of ransomware attacks originate with phishing attacks on end users, and the method has evolved exponentially. While there are growing vectors for phishing, one thing remains constant – the browser is a critical gateway for all attack types.

The Outlook for Cybersecurity in 2023

“The cybersecurity market will continue to grow by 10% in 2023 despite less IPOs and increased consolidation of vendors,” says Gordon Lawson, CEO. Listen in as he and Antoine Chkaiban discuss the outlook for #cybersecurity in 2023 with The Watch List on TD Ameritrade Network.