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Conceal and OTG Consulting Partner to Elevate Browser Security for Agents, Consultants, and Thousands of Clients

Conceal to partner with OTG Consulting to integrate its advanced ConcealBrowse technology, enhancing OTG Consulting’s comprehensive service offerings.

July 10, 2024, 11:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

AUGUSTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Conceal, a leader in browser security, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with OTG Consulting, a prominent advisor in IT solutions. This new alliance aims to fortify OTG Consulting’s offerings with enhanced browser security.

Gordon Lawson, CEO of Conceal, remarked on the new partnership, “We are excited to partner with OTG Consulting, whose broad expertise in IT makes them an ideal partner to integrate our ConcealBrowse technology. This collaboration is designed to enrich OTG’s extensive service offerings, providing a fortified security layer at the browser level that addresses the diverse needs of their client base across various sectors.”

Jeffrey Pearl, CEO of OTG Consulting, commented, “This partnership with Conceal represents a significant enhancement to our array of services. By incorporating Conceal’s leading-edge browser technology, we can offer our hundreds of agents and consultants a more robust and secure operating environment, benefiting thousands of potential clients. This is crucial as we help them navigate the complexities of modern IT landscapes.”

Through this partnership, OTG Consulting’s diverse clientele will benefit from an integrated approach that combines OTG’s expansive service offerings with Conceal’s top-tier browser security solution. This synergy will empower businesses to operate more securely and efficiently at the edge in an increasingly interconnected digital world.

About Conceal

Conceal is dedicated to protecting organizations from web-based threats with its innovative solution, ConcealBrowse. An AI-powered browser extension, ConcealBrowse offers a private, lightweight, and easy-to-deploy defense against ever-evolving phishing, credential theft, and sophisticated social engineering attacks. By safeguarding the most vulnerable element of any organization—the human using a web browser—ConcealBrowse significantly mitigates the risk of destructive and costly cyber-attacks. For more information, visit

About OTG Consulting

Founded in 2016, OTG Consulting has quickly become a leading advisory firm specializing in a comprehensive range of IT and communication services. With a robust network across North America, OTG Consulting provides strategic guidance and solutions that help businesses leverage technology effectively and securely. For more information, visit