CRWD Earnings: Unprecedented Levels Of Cyber-Attacks

Continuing to see unprecedented levels of cyber-attacks, including the nation-state level compromise of the commerce and State Dept this year, notes Gordon Lawson. He and Fred Havemeyer discuss cybersecurity stocks. They talk about Crowdstrike (CRWD) which is to report earnings today. Its adjusted EPS is estimated at $0.56 and revenue is estimated at $725.55M. Fred highlights that key positives for CRWD include its best-in-class catch rates, progress selling multiple modules to customers outside of core endpoint security and addressing a key pillar of zero-trust security. They then compare CRWD to other cybersecurity stocks including PANW, ZS, and OKTA. They also go over what cybersecurity stocks to keep on your radar. Tune in to find out more about the stock market today.