Podcast Episode 23 – Humans & Cybersecurity

In this episode, host Paul John Spaulding is joined by Alissa (Dr Jay) Abdullah, PhD, SVP & Deputy CSO at Mastercard, and former White House technology executive. Together, they discuss the human element of cybersecurity, phishing attacks, and more.

Podcast Episode 22 – The Human Element of Cybersecurity

In this episode, host Paul John Spaulding is joined by Burton Kelso, a cybersecurity expert, to discuss the human element of cybersecurity, how attackers are using social engineering attacks to target the human behind the screen, and how AI is making it harder to determine what’s legitimate or not.

Podcast Episode 21 – Phishing & Social Engineering

In this podcast episode, Theresa Payton, former White House CIO and advisor to Conceal, discusses the evolving sophistication of phishing and social engineering attacks.

Podcast Episode 20 – Web Browser Security for Small Businesses & Law Firms

In this podcast episode, host Heather Engel is joined by Lawrence Troemel to discuss web browser security for small businesses and law firms.

Podcast Episode 19 – The Integration of AI & Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

In this episode Jeff Orloff, VP of Product at Concea discusses the integration of AI and machine learning in cybersecurity.

Podcast Episode 18 – Cybersecurity Challenges in Latin America

In this podcast episode Carolina Ruiz discusses cybersecurity challenges in Latin America, including artificial intelligence, regulatory compliance, and more.

Podcast Episode 17 – Cybersecurity for the Underserved

In this episode, Corey White discusses cybersecurity for the underserved, including attack methods that may be more commonly employed against these groups.

Podcast Episode 16 – Cybersecurity Budgets & Funding

In this episode, Jonathan Lassman discusses cybersecurity budgets and the challenges associated with funding security programs.

Podcast Episode 15 – The Impact of Cyber Threats on Businesses

In this episode, Cliff Moore discusses how cyber threats can impact businesses and operations on a global scale.

Podcast Episode 14 – Why the Government is Concerned about TikTok

In this episode, Chris Rowlands, Chris Shank and Larry Hogan discuss the widespread government concerns over social media app TikTok, whether state bans are justified, and more.