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ConcealBrowse: A Communications Company’s First Line of Defense

In an era where every click could lead to a potential security breach, a prominent communications company took a proactive approach. Recognizing the ever-growing spectrum of cyber threats, the company invested in ConcealBrowse. This cybersecurity solution would soon prove its worth in an unexpected way.

Hackers Striking Major Businesses and Casinos

MGM is now entering its second week since being hit with a massive cyberattack. Gordon Lawson, CEO, joins Nichole Berlie on NewsNation to discuss MGM’s ongoing loss, the growing threat of ransomware attacks, and how businesses and individuals can best protect themselves. 

Episode 17 – Cybersecurity for the Underserved

In this episode, host Charlie Osborne is joined by Corey White, founder and CEO at Cyvatar. Together, they discuss cybersecurity for the underserved, including attack methods that may be more commonly employed against these groups, the ramifications of such attacks, and more.

Five Lessons On Safeguarding Point-Of-Sale Systems

In recent years, cyberattacks on critical infrastructure and organizations, like the one that targeted Suncor Energy, a prominent Canadian energy company, have surged. This incident disrupted Petro-Canada, its subsidiary, causing service interruptions at gas stations nationwide. This attack underscores the vulnerability of point-of-sale systems and emphasizes the urgency for organizations to take proactive measures against cybersecurity threats.

The Rise of AI

Gordon Lawson, CEO, joins Steve Doocy, host of Fox & Friends on Fox News, to discuss all things AI, from AI advancements in commercial planes to the Pentagon’s plans for an AI fleet to counter the growing China threat. 

How Conceal Stopped Russian Ransomware

Conceal partner Edward Hood, Owner of Hood Security Services, recently reported a successful instance of ConcealBrowse protecting one of his clients from Russian ransomware. The client attempted to open a link they received in an email believed to be from one of their customers. Upon further review, it was found that the email came from a .ru email address and contained Russian ransomware. Fortunately, ConcealBrowse immediately identified this link as malicious, and it was quarantined to prevent it from affecting the client’s network.

Ransomware Hits Home

A mentor once told Cliff Moore, Chief Information Security Officer at Wilson Sporting Goods, that there will always be more (cyber) attackers than defenders. How true it is, unfortunately. Ransomware hit home in the Chicago area, and Moore tells us how that feels. Gordon Lawson, CEO at Conceal, shares about his hometown of Augusta, Ga., a recent victim of a damaging ransomware attack. But there’s power in unity, as you can see when two or more cyber fighters come together.