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Browser-Based Threat Report: June 24

This week’s Conceal threat report covers three major online threats: a technical support scam that impersonates legitimate brands to steal money and access banking information, a Microsoft phishing scam targeting email credentials linked to multiple accounts, and a malware-infested software download site distributing harmful cryptomining malware. ConcealBrowse’s protective features intervene by alerting users, blocking suspicious actions, and isolating harmful content, ensuring their safety and security online.

Ransomware Attacks are More Aggressive as Hackers Look for Bigger Paydays

There were $1B in ransomware payouts in 2023 and that will be exceeded in 2024, notes Gordon Lawson. He and Dr. Chris Pierson discuss cybersecurity and the rise in ransomware attacks. Pierson highlights that ransomware attacks are becoming aggressive as hackers look for bigger paydays. Find out why the auto industry is an attractive target for cybercriminals and how companies are raising its defense against cybercriminals.