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Browser-Based Threat Report: Feb 12

This week’s incidents highlight the critical need for a layered defense against cyber threats. Discover how ConcealBrowse provides essential browser-based threat protection, intercepting threats others miss and offering early intervention for advanced security.

The Evolution of Phishing

Explore the evolution of phishing attacks from humble beginnings in the early 1990s to the sophisticated AI-driven tactics of 2020. This infographic delves into the tactics cybercriminals have employed over the years, showcasing how technology, social engineering, and AI have shaped the landscape of online security threats.


Browser-Based Threat Report: Feb 5

In our latest threat report, we delve into the dynamic landscape of cyber threats, highlighting the importance of proactive detection and intervention. From malware-disguised browser extensions to sophisticated scams posing as legitimate sites, our analysis underscores the need for advanced security measures to stay ahead of evolving risks. Stay informed and stay protected with our insights.

Browser-Based Threat Report: Jan 29

This week’s threat report highlights a surge in credential theft phishing, a discreet threat with a 54% incident rate. Examples include Yahoo! login deception, IP address cycling in phishing campaigns, and a Microsoft look-alike site exploiting muscle memory for password entry.