AI in cybersecurity a new vanguard in browser security

AI in Cybersecurity: Navigating the Digital Frontier

AI in cybersecurity offers advanced protection for organizations against cyber threats, but also poses unique challenges and misuse by bad actors.



The Evolution of Phishing

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A Comprehensive Guide on Browser-Based Phishing Attacks

The quality and quantity of browser-based phishing attacks have escalated dramatically over the past year, posing a significant threat to online security.


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Browser Security Case Study: City of St. Peters

Intrigued by the comprehensive browser security and ability to intercept malicious activity at the browser level, the city of St. Peters invested in Conceal.

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Browser Security Case Study: mSOC

In a comprehensive study, tested Browser Security software ConcealBrowse against human-verified malicious phishing sites designed to mimic legitimate logins.

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Browser Security Case Study: Toyota Tanzania


Toyota Tanzania, a prominent player in the automotive industry, has a rich history rooted in East Africa. With a legacy dating back to 1825, the Karimjee family introduced the Toyota brand, which has since become synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation. Operating in vehicle importation, spare parts distribution, and after-sales services, Toyota Tanzania is committed to the global after-sales service standard, known as “Kodawari.”

In an era of digital transformation, the automotive industry faces evolving cybersecurity challenges. Connected vehicles, intricate in-car systems, and the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices increase the attack surface. Abdulaziz Raudha, IT Manager at Toyota Tanzania, sheds light on the complexities: “People are browsing on various devices; how do you protect them all? You can secure your computers on your network perimeter, but how do you manage remote endpoint devices?


Despite conventional security measures, Toyota Tanzania encountered a critical challenge: the vulnerability of saved credentials. Raudha recounts an incident where hackers targeted the CEO and directors, exploiting saved credentials to gain unauthorized access, emphasizing that even seemingly secure networks are susceptible.


Enter Conceal, a transformative solution described by Raudha as an “armor for most things we are not aware of. “Conceal’s Zero Trust approach and AI-driven browser security offered a game-changing paradigm in cybersecurity. Raudha highlights the significance: “As we move with technology and IoT takes place, humans have weaknesses. You can’t rely 100% on humans. Conceal spots small things that we might not pick up.”

The Result of Implementing Browser Security

Conceal’s implementation proved instrumental in bolstering Toyota Tanzania’s cybersecurity posture. Raudha praises the solution’s seamlessness, reporting capabilities, and intelligence: “It actually makes my life so much easier. AI is a game-changer technology. You can relax at home knowing you are secure.” The isolation of users on sites and the proactive identification of potential threats showcased Conceal’s effectiveness. ConcealBrowse’s intelligence engine and Zero Trust isolation technology, combined with Grove’s advanced cybersecurity solutions, create an ideal defense for your digital assets and brand. Our AI-driven browser isolation tool dynamically analyses code and moves suspicious elements to a secure cloud-based isolation environment, ensuring proactive threat mitigation.

“I am still to find a solution that does what Conceal does with AI. It’s seamless, makes my life easier, sends reports, and has great intelligence.”

Abdulaziz Raudha, IT Manager, Toyota Tanzania


Abdulaziz Raudha expresses gratitude to Conceal and Grove for their assistance, emphasizing the magnificence of Conceal’s Zero Trust solution. Looking ahead, Raudha plans to expand the user base, confident in Conceal’s ability to deliver unparalleled security. As Toyota Tanzania continues its commitment to excellence, Conceal stands as a vital partner in navigating the complexities of modern cybersecurity.

“Conceal checked so many boxes for the team at Toyota Tanzania, which made Conceal an obvious choice, a solution that delivers what it promises and so much more beyond the marketing. A solution which once was implemented was a set and forget solution, and real benefit was derived from day one, no lengthy ROI, immediate time to value! Working with a knowledgeable IT Manager such as Abdulaziz is so reassuring, knowing he holds security as the primary focus for the organisation, and this should give the CEO whom he works closely with great confidence. His depth of experience and expertise is rare to find, as we see diminishing skills in Cyber and IT, Abdulaziz understands what is needed and delivers.”

Bianca Dafel, Business Development Manager | GROVE


This Case Study illustrates not only the challenges faced by a leading automotive player but also the transformative impact of Conceal in fortifying cybersecurity defenses in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Browser Based Security: Why ConcealBrowse?

In an age where 9 out of 10 attacks are initiated by phishing, your existing email security and web security gateway are vital but insufficient without browser based security. Here’s where ConcealBrowse significantly elevates your defense mechanisms:

Mitigating the Shift in Phishing Tactics:

  • Hackers are pivoting away from email phishing due to the prevalent security measures in place
  • The browser has become the hackers’ new favorite arena, but with ConcealBrowse, it becomes an impenetrable fortress

Dynamic AI-Driven Protection:

  • Static rules and predefined threat signatures are no longer adequate. With new malicious domains popping up daily, the security landscape is too dynamic
  • ConcealBrowse utilizes AI to proactively identify and mitigate threats, providing an adaptable shield against both current and emerging risks

Unmatched Browser-Based Visibility:

  • While your current tools work efficiently on the network, their visibility is inherently limited and basic due to encryption
  • ConcealBrowse, residing within the browser, provides continuous and comprehensive visibility, ensuring not even the minutest threat goes unnoticed

Guarding Against Information & Credential Theft:

  • Can your current technology discern and block stealthy, legitimate-looking phishing pages designed for information theft?
  • ConcealBrowse’s AI not only identifies these pages but also ensures that your users are safeguarded from falling prey to them, seamlessly and effortlessly

Protecting Beyond Corporate Emails:

  • Your existing email security is confined to corporate communications. What about the personal emails your users access through browsers?
  • ConcealBrowse is indiscriminate; it extends its robust protection to all email platforms accessed via the browser, whether Gmail, Hotmail, or any other

The ConcealBrowse Advantage:

  • Proactive Security: AI-driven protection actively learns and adapts to new threats, ensuring your security is always several steps ahead
  • All-Encompassing Protection: From corporate to personal emails, every communication channel accessed via the browser is under ConcealBrowse’s vigilant protection

Incorporating ConcealBrowse into your security architecture is not just an improvement; it’s an imperative. With its dynamic, AI-driven, browser-based protection, it fills the critical gaps left by your current security measures, providing a holistic, impenetrable defense mechanism against the ever-evolving threat landscape. Secure comprehensively with ConcealBrowse. Join the Conceal Community today and fortify your online security for free!

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Zero Trust – A Browser Security Imperative

The escalating threat of ransomware attacks has compelled organizations to rethink their cyber- security strategies. According to the State of Segmentation 2023 report by Akamai, ransom- ware attacks have doubled in the past two years, with an average increase from 43 to 86 attacks per country among surveyed organizations. This rise in attacks highlights the need for robust security measures, notably the implementation of zero trust.


Securing the Digital Edge: The Case for Browser-Centric Cybersecurity

Securing the Digital Edge: The Case for Browser Security

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems have long been a mainstay of cybersecurity strategy, providing invaluable detection, response, and threat-hunting capabilities. However, as more work moves online and the web browser emerges as a new battleground for cybersecurity, the limitations of EDR solutions are becoming apparent.