“CONCEALing” Browser Context Through our Patented SDN

Threat actors can’t attack you if they can’t find you. With an additional layer of protection, you can make it much more difficult for attackers to trace web activity back to your organization or to find cloud applications and infrastructure that are critical to your business.

Key Characteristics

Conceal’s patented SDN removes digital context and physical attributes from data flowing over the internet and internet-accessible infrastructure. The extra layer of protection minimizes the likelihood of risky traffic compromising your network. In Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, web applications were the number one vector of entry for bad actors and are connected to the highest number of DoS attacks. The Verizon report found that Basic Web Application Attacks (BWAA) largely focus on attacks that directly target an organization’s most exposed infrastructure, such as Web servers. Conceal’s patented SDN helps to minimize the opportunity for attackers to find exposed infrastructure by increasing privacy using intermediaries to acquire the commercial infrastructure used to implement the network. The dynamic design of our patented SDN removes context and provides extra layers of privacy and security to users and enterprises.

Conceal’s patented SDN helps organizations identify and isolate risky web traffic before it compromises your network through the monitoring capability as part of the additional layer of protection. Additionally, Conceal is able to move identified risky web traffic without affecting a user’s current session. The fidelity of the protection’s ability to monitor and isolate without affecting a user’s ongoing communications helps provide security assurance for web activity. The extra layer of protection moves the web traffic into a remote browser in an isolated environment without a user having to decide if they believe the web traffic is risky.

Our patented SDN encompasses all of Conceal’s offerings; from ConcealBrowse and ConcealSearch to ConcealCloud, our patented SDN was deliberately and carefully intertwined throughout our product suite to bring an unparalleled solution to the market to address web security.

Use Case

Law Enforcement agencies are faced with the insecurities surrounding intelligence collection. Whether the intelligence collection surrounds dark web monitoring, open-source intelligence, social media research, financial crimes, or internet crimes against children, these investigations come with a level of risk while leveraging the internet. Conceal fully supports operational mission capabilities aligned to law enforcement. Currently, Conceal is deployed in state and local law enforcement agencies and other investigative organizations. To help combat risks associated with mission-critical investigations, the following is accomplished through our product suite:

  • Open-Source Intelligence – Through the investment of our zero-trust browser isolation, ConcealSearch, users can conduct non-attributable, protected open-source research.
  • Social Media Research – By removing attribution of users through our ConcealSearch product, investigators can anonymously monitor social media sites and updates in real-time.
  • Financial Crimes and Intelligence – By leveraging ConcealSearch, users can conduct “follow-the-money” operations and capture and archive financial information without worrying about malicious sites or internet activity entering the network.
  • Internet Crimes Against Children – With ConcealSearch, law enforcement agents can investigate, track and conduct operations to combat crimes against children without jeopardizing their network or identity.
  • Dark Web Monitoring – Engage in dark web monitoring and activities without exposing your network and identity by investing in ConcealSearch.

Conceal’s patented SDN role in cybersecurity will continue to expand as the value of hiding user identities and technical information while simultaneously searching the web grows in importance.