Browser Based Security

Conceal’s Year in Review: Innovations, Challenges, and Successes

As we bid farewell to another eventful year, it’s time to reflect on the milestones, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped Conceal over the past twelve months. This year has been a testament to our commitment to advancing cybersecurity and protecting our clients from ever-evolving digital threats. 

Milestones Achieved

Expanding Our Product Range

Launch of New Features: This year saw the introduction of a series of groundbreaking features and products at Conceal. Notably, we achieved extensions for Firefox and Microsoft Edge, significantly broadening our browser security coverage. We also saw the launch of advanced tech alliances and integrations, enhancing user security and experience. Some of our most notable and impactful highlights include coverage for the Firefox browser, an innovative end-user information panel, a device-based installation process, and MSI installer package support.

AI Engine: We proudly upgraded to our AI engine, a leap forward in real-time web page analysis. This engine is designed to understand patterns in behavior, structure, and content, elevating ConcealBrowse’s analytic capabilities. 

Upgrades to Existing Features: This year, in additional to releasing our SherpaAI engine, we enhanced the end-user experience with upgraded dashboard elements, search by device labels, and notable integrations into platforms like Connectwise, Datto, Splunk, Devo, and SentinelOne.

Growth and Expansion

New Partnerships: This year marked the forging of significant partnerships, contributing immensely to Conceal growth. Each partnership brought unique strengths to our platform. These partnerships include Thousand Guards, MorugaIT, Grove, Kompingo, Hyprfire, Brigantia, NobleTec, Binary Defense, SentryMark, White Rock Cybersecurity, CyberForce Security and Next Generation Security.  

Expansion into New Markets: Our venture into new markets has been a resounding success, particularly in the MSP sector. We’ve seen a 450% quarter-over-quarter growth from CYQ2 to Q3, with similar trends projected for CYQ4. Key expansions included entering the Japanese market with SentryMark, significant growth in the UK/EU through partnerships with NGS, Kompingo, and Brigantia, and establishing our presence in New Zealand.

Conceal Community Initiatives: The launch of a free NFR Community for MSPs and offering 5 Free licenses for Enterprises has proven to be a successful strategy, continually attracting more users.

Overcoming Challenges

Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape

This year, the cybersecurity world has been fraught with challenges, particularly the rise in ransomware and credential theft. Conceal has proactively adapted to these threats, ensuring robust protection for our clients.

Internal Growth and Development

Our internal structure saw significant changes, especially with the transition of BDRs to ISRs. This internal development has been pivotal in managing our rapid growth, particularly in the MSP sector.

Success Stories

Empowering Users and Organizations with ConcealBrowse

As Conceal celebrates a year of significant achievements and advancements in cybersecurity, we’re proud to share some remarkable success stories that highlight our impact:

Enhancing User Security Despite Training Limitations: A key testament to ConcealBrowse’s effectiveness comes from an appreciative user: “I like that ConcealBrowse is an antidote to the failure of people to follow their Security Awareness Training. They click on email links and search result links despite any training. Especially, I like that ConcealBrowse adds a critical layer of protection against the growing threat of ransomware.” This feedback underscores our solution’s ability to compensate for human error and provide a robust defense against emerging cyber threats.

Collaborative Success with VAR Partnerships: Our collaboration with Value-Added Resellers (VARs) has been particularly fruitful. One Account Executive/Marketing Events Coordinator shares, “The team at Conceal is very collaborative, flexible, and adaptable, fitting our customers’ needs across various verticals. They’ve gone out of their way for account mapping and solution overviews, leading to co-selling opportunities.” This partnership has been pivotal in scaling our solutions to businesses of all sizes, proving the adaptability and effectiveness of ConcealBrowse.

Transformative Impact on Toyota Tanzania: At Toyota Tanzania, IT Manager Abdulaziz Raudha hails ConcealBrowse as a game-changer: “Conceal’s Zero Trust approach and AI-driven technology offered a game-changing paradigm in cybersecurity… You can relax at home knowing you are secure.” The implementation of our solutions has significantly strengthened their cybersecurity posture, showcasing the power of AI in contemporary digital defense.

City of St. Peters – A Model for Municipal Cybersecurity: The City of St. Peters’ integration of ConcealBrowse into their IT infrastructure demonstrates our solution’s versatility and effectiveness in public sector environments. An IT administrator from the city lauds the product: “ConcealBrowse’s innovative approach to cybersecurity… has significantly enhanced our network security while maintaining user-friendliness and minimal administrative overhead.” This case exemplifies our commitment to providing solutions that are both powerful and user-friendly.

Awards and Recognitions

This year, Conceal was honored with several awards, including being a finalist in the CISO Choice Awards for Endpoint and Email Security, winning the Black Unicorn Awards, and being named MSP Today Product of the Year. Additionally, we received accolades for the Best New Solution and Most Innovative Solution at the ChannelPro SMB Forum. 

Looking Ahead: The Future of Conceal

Upcoming Innovations

Looking forward, we are excited about further innovations, including greater API support, mobile device protection, support for Safari, enhanced site isolation information, and a user feedback system. We are also focusing on expanding our Inside Sales team in Augusta, GA, and the UK.

Commitment to Excellence

Our unwavering commitment to excellence remains at the forefront of our endeavors. We continue to innovate and lead in the fight against cyber threats, ensuring the best possible solutions for our clients.

As we reflect on this year, our gratitude extends to our customers, partners, and employees whose support has been invaluable. Conceal remains dedicated to its mission, continually striving for excellence in cybersecurity. Here’s to a year of challenges turned into opportunities and milestones that pave the way for a safer digital future.