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Brigantia Partners with Conceal

July 14, 2023

Cybersecurity distributor, Brigantia, has announced a new vendor partnership with Conceal to bring ConcealBrowse to the UK and Irish markets. ConcealBrowse focuses on detecting and defending against malware by isolating risks at the browser. Brigantia’s highly selective portfolio now includes this solution.

About ConcealBrowse

ConcealBrowse is a lightweight browser extension that transforms any browser into a secure, zero-trust environment. This conversion detects malware and credential theft attacks that many other security solutions miss. ConcealBrowse users reap significant benefits such as credential theft protection, ransomware protection, signature-based protection, policy-based protection, known threat detection, and malicious link protection.

How does ConcealBrowse work?

Conceal enhances user and organisational security in four simple steps:

  1. Access browser – when a user opens a browser, ConcealBrowse activates to protect at the edge.
  2. Submit HTTP request – an HTTP request is made using a browser or an internet-facing app.
  3. Assess activity risk – ConcealBrowse determines whether the requested activity is dangerous.
  4. Isolate – ConcealBrowse’s remote browser isolation technology isolates the unknown request. The request is granted if it is deemed low risk. The request is blocked if it is determined to be malicious or violates policy.

What ConcealBrowse offers

Browser activity is essential to modern work, but it is also a significant source of risk. ConcealBrowse is a simple but effective way for remote and office-based workers to identify and contain those risks, as well as protect endpoints and networks.

Brigantia Sales Director Angus Shaw said of the new collaboration, “It was an easy decision to partner with Conceal. The solution is unparalleled in terms of edge security. Isolating malicious activities at the edge provides a competitive advantage, increasing client trust and, ultimately, lowering remediation costs.”

To learn more about Conceal, contact Brigantia.