Browser Security

Case Study: Alexander County Government

Discovery and Implementation of Conceal’s Browser Security Solution

Alexander County’s IT team was introduced to ConcealBrowse through Carasoft, a third-party vendor, which recommended the software as an alignment opportunity to their desire to improve overall endpoint security.  During a demo, the team was particularly impressed by ConcealBrowse’s adaptability and ability to provide a second-layer approach to their endpoint protection, which proved effective in catching a wide range of threats that traditional DNS filters missed. The software’s AI engine, which stays updated with the latest threats, and its ability to integrate with other tools, were key factors in their decision to invest.

Facing challenges such as endpoint security, phishing emails, and the limitations of their existing DNS filter, the team sought a more adaptable solution. ConcealBrowse’s control over browser activity offered a multi-layered security approach, significantly reducing phishing effectiveness and securing high-risk individuals within the organization.

The implementation process, facilitated by PDQ for application deployment, was smooth once the package was configured. The team moved forward with a soft deployment and achieved 80%-90% coverage within the organization, targeting full deployment across approximately 500 users.

At A Glance

Short-Term Goal
Mitigate risks associated with email phishing and enhancing endpoint security.

Long-Term Goals
Establish ConcealBrowse as a foundational element of the county’s cybersecurity framework, offering an additional layer of security atop DNS filtering.

AI in Cybersecurity Balancing Access and Security

Key Features & Benefits of ConcealBrowse

  1. Adaptability and AI Engine: Continuously updated to counter new threats, offering a robust second layer of security beyond traditional DNS filtering.
  2. Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly works with other security tools, enhancing the overall protection strategy.
  3. User Education: Increases awareness among users, particularly those at high risk, about the dangers of phishing and malicious websites.

Usage and Integration

ConcealBrowse‘s in-browser warnings, which allow users to access and see potentially harmful content without the risk of compromise, have been highlighted as a particularly valuable feature. This balance between security and usability has not only protected users but also served as an educational tool for high-risk individuals, enhancing their awareness of malicious sites without needing to unblock legitimate content.

“With low upkeep from a software management perspective and its ease of deployment, among the top 10% easiest software I have had to deploy, I am likely to recommend ConcealBrowse to others. The adaptability of the product, its ability to integrate with existing security tools, and the significant improvement in our ability to stop malicious sites, make ConcealBrowse an essential part of our cybersecurity strategy.”