Forbes: How To Combat AI-Powered Phishing In An Increasingly Ambiguous Cyber Landscape

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has transformed the business world, enhancing efficiency and enabling groundbreaking innovations. However, this progress comes with an increasing slate of cybersecurity challenges, particularly in phishing attacks.


Forbes: Beyond The Inbox: The Imperative For Holistic Cybersecurity Approaches

Combat evolving cyber threats! Social engineering, especially via email, poses grave risks. Explore browser security’s critical role and a holistic approach for robust cybersecurity.

Enhancing Threat Detection and Prevention through AI

The Edge Of Browser Security: Why Proxies Aren’t Enough

In today’s hybrid work world, many employees are tethered to their web browsers for both professional and personal purposes. Surprisingly, I’ve noticed that a large percentage of a worker’s day can be spent in this digital gateway. However, the increased web activity presents cyber vulnerabilities that existing security controls, like proxies, fail to address fully. While traditional proxies can filter content and restrict access to certain sites, they fall short of tackling the sophisticated threats in today’s dynamic digital landscape. For businesses to truly protect their assets and data, a modern and comprehensive edge security solution is paramount.

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