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Conceal Expands Alliance with Jacobs as Global Provider for Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Ransomware

ConcealBrowse Prevents Browser-based Malware from Executing on Any Device

AUGUSTA, Ga., October 25, 2022 — Conceal, the leader in Zero Trust isolation technology, today announced that Jacobs (NYSE:J) has expanded its alliance with Conceal and will provide the ransomware solution to its critical infrastructure clients on a global basis.

Conceal incorporates intelligence-grade, Zero Trust technology in its offerings to protect companies of all sizes from malware. By using ConcealBrowse, Jacobs is able to leverage Zero Trust isolation technology and its increasingly important role in delivering solutions to address critical challenges for national security, civilian infrastructure, maritime, higher education and energy clients around the world. 

The Conceal Platform is available immediately from Jacobs on a worldwide basis.

“Critical infrastructure providers including energy, water, communications and others are a favorite target for ransomware groups due to the downstream disruptions an infection will cause,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO of Conceal. “Through this new relationship with Jacobs we are providing customers of all sizes, on a global basis, with comprehensive protection against ransomware that isolates users and the corporate network from threats.”

The Conceal Platform provides detection of cyber threats before they can infiltrate a network by processing all code to determine whether or not it is malicious and placing suspicious content in isolation so malware cannot execute. It is comprised of three integrated products:

  • ConcealBrowse, which secures users by protecting every endpoint from malicious threats
  • ConcealSearch, which shields the network from reconnaissance and attacks by fortifying online activity without attribution to your enterprise
  • ConcealCloud, which safeguards cloud resources through isolation by regularly churning the underlying network infrastructure

About Conceal

Conceal enables organizations to protect users from malware and ransomware at the edge. The Conceal Platform uses Zero Trust isolation technology to defend against sophisticated cyber threats. Conceal is used by Fortune 500 and government organizations globally to ensure their users and IT operations remain secure, anonymous and isolated from attacks. For more information, visit

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