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Tech Spotlight: ConcealBrowse Dashboard – Enhancing Visibility and Security Control

In today’s digital landscape, organizations are continuously exposed to threats that bypass other security controls. ConcealBrowse offers a comprehensive solution that provides protection against malicious activity undetected by conventional security measures. Additionally, the corresponding dashboard provides enhanced visibility and insights into activities that may go unnoticed by other tools. In this tech spotlight blog, we’ll explore the features of the ConcealBrowse Dashboard and discuss how it can help organizations improve their security posture.

Teaming Up to Protect SMBs from Ransomware

Small businesses account for more than 50% of cyberattacks annually. In this episode, Conceal CEO Gordon Lawson and Robert Hall, Product Marketing Director at Brigantia, join Steve Morgan at Cybercrime Magazine to discuss the growing threat of ransomware, the increase of cyberattacks against small businesses with limited IT and security resources, and more.

Conceal Threat Alert: Increased Phishing Attacks on Collaboration Platforms Highlight the Importance of Zero-Trust Browser Protection

The threat of phishing attacks is only growing in the era of hybrid work and digital collaboration. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting collaboration platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Companies are grappling with a growing threat surface, and many feel vulnerable to attacks delivered through their collaboration tools. To protect against these evolving threats, businesses must adopt zero-trust web browser protection tools like ConcealBrowse.

Episode 13 – Modern Phishing Attacks

Brian Stone, Chief Revenue Officer at Conceal and Ben Uhlig, Global Cybersecurity & Compliance Manager at CentroMotion
In this episode, Cybercrime Magazine’s Hillarie McClure is joined by Brian Stone, CRO at Conceal, and Ben Uhlig, Global Cybersecurity & Compliance Manager at CentroMotion. Together, they discuss how modern phishing attacks evade traditional security defenses, the current threat landscape, and more.

Vendor Recognition Videocast Series: Christine Vanderpool and Conceal

In this Vendor Recognition Videocast, Christine Vanderpool speaks with Conceal’s Brian Stone about their innovative browser isolation solution. Conceal was recognized in the 2022 CISO Choice Awards as a finalist in the Cloud Security Posture Management Category for their browser isolation technology that allows users to go to unfamiliar websites but then still protects the company’s greater work environment from potential hazards through browser segmentation.

Companies Under 1,000 Employees are 220X More Likely to be Victim of Cybercrime

Companies under 1,000 employees are 220X more likely to be a victim of cybercrime, notes Gordon Lawson. He and Ahmed Khan track the risk of cybersecurity threats and how uncertainty fuels risks. Ahmed mentions that cybersecurity spending has a degree of resilience but be cautious of macroeconomic headwinds. They go over some Morningstar cybersecurity stock ratings, which include Okta Inc. (OKTA), Palo Alto Networks (PANW), and Splunk (SPPLK) with three stars and ZScaler (ZS) and Crowdstrike (CRWD) with four stars. Gordon highlights his stock picks which include SentinelOne (S) and Dell Technologies (DELL).

How to Increase Your Profitability as an MSP

We know that as a managed service provider, increased profitability is critical to growth and success in the industry. As an MSP, having the right strategic partner allows you to expand your services while streamlining effective operations and investing in services that result in recurring revenue. At Conceal, we’re invested in helping you implement a strategy that includes maximizing profitability.