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Tech Spotlight: ConcealBrowse Dashboard – Enhancing Visibility and Security Control

In today’s digital landscape, organizations are continuously exposed to threats that can bypass traditional security controls. ConcealBrowse  offers a comprehensive solution that provides security to malicious activity that may go undetected by other security measures.  Additionally, the corresponding dashboard provides enhanced visibility and insights into activities that may go unnoticed by other tools. In this tech spotlight blog, we’ll explore the features of the ConcealBrowse Dashboard and discuss how it can help organizations improve their security posture.

ConcealBrowse Dashboard Features

The ConcealBrowse Dashboard offers a range of reports and graphs that provide valuable insights into isolated sessions and user behavior. Some of these include:

Isolated Sessions: This report displays a detailed view of all isolated sessions, allowing security teams to monitor and assess potential threats effectively.

Top Isolated Entities: This report highlights the most frequently isolated URLs, enabling organizations to identify high-risk areas and prioritize corresponding remediation efforts.   

Highest Isolated Sessions: This report ranks users or devices based on their number of isolated sessions, helping security teams identify targeted individuals or those who may require additional training.

ConcealBrowese dashboard

Visualizing Security Data

The ConcealBrowse Dashboard offers various graphs that enable organizations to visualize and analyze security trends effectively. Some key visualizations include:

Trend of Isolated Sessions: This graph displays the overall trend of isolated sessions over time, helping organizations identify patterns and respond proactively to emerging threats.

Number of Isolated Sessions: This visualization provides a clear overview of the total number of isolated sessions, allowing security teams to gauge the effectiveness of their security measures.

Isolated Sessions per Day: This graph shows the daily count of isolated sessions, enabling organizations to track and manage security incidents more effectively. 

OS and Browsers Hooked Up: This visualization offers insights into the operating systems and browsers connected to the ConcealBrowse platform, helping organizations tailor their security strategies according to the specific technologies in use.

Enhancing Security Through Visibility

The ConcealBrowse Dashboard provides organizations with the visibility needed to identify and respond to security threats that might bypass conventional security controls. By offering comprehensive insights into isolated sessions and user behavior, the dashboard enables organizations to optimize their security measures, identify targeted individuals, and provide additional training where necessary.


In an increasingly complex threat landscape, organizations must remain vigilant and adopt security solutions that provide comprehensive visibility into their digital environments. The ConcealBrowse Dashboard offers a powerful solution to help organizations stay ahead of potential threats and maintain a robust security posture. By leveraging the dashboard’s advanced features and visualizations, security teams can make informed decisions and protect their organizations from emerging risks.