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How to Prepare for New SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure Requirements

Many organizations used to hit the mute button whenever discussions about cybersecurity came up, but this silence has been breaking more frequently as more businesses are victimized by hackers and experience effects that hit their bottom line in ways that require them to share the information with regulators. Conceal CEO Gordon Lawson shares a few simple steps to help your organization be prepared for the new requirements or can be ready before the next quarterly report.

WWCD: Staying One Step Ahead of the Attack

With browser zero days being discovered all the time – and frequently not until they’ve already been exploited – how can companies protect themselves during the period between the initial exploitation and when they are able to install the latest browser update? Check out our latest blog to learn what Conceal would do.

Conceal Expands Alliance with Jacobs as Global Provider for Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Ransomware

Today we announced our expanded alliance with Jacobs to provide the ransomware solution to its critical infrastructure clients on a global basis. With ConcealBrowse, Jacobs will leverage zero trust isolation technology to deliver solutions to address critical challenges for national security, civilian infrastructure and energy clients around the world.

INFOGRAPHIC: Empower Employees From Being the Weakest Link

Oftentimes, humans are referred to by organizations as the weakest link to their cybersecurity strategy, but this does not have to be the case! It is your responsibility as an organization to enable your employees to be a part of the cybersecurity mission. Check out our latest infographic to learn how to turn your employees into the strongest link!


WWCD: Defending Against Browser App Mode Abuse

Bill Toulas at Bleeping Computer recently highlighted a new phishing technique in the wild that is designed to abuse user’s increased likelihood of trusting applications that appear to be desktop applications over those that appear inside a web browser. So what would Conceal do? Read our latest blog to find out.