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Browser-Based Threat Alert: ChatGPT May Be Causing More Harm Than Good

ChatGPT is a machine model that appears to be ethical but can be used for malicious purposes such as writing phishing emails and malicious code. It has proven to be capable of writing “fairly decent malware” and can be used for a variety of nefarious activities, including spam, espionage, and ransomware. To protect against these threats, organizations must take proactive steps to ensure browser security is an integral part of their cybersecurity strategy.

Conceal Threat Alert: Reddit Internal Systems Compromised by Targeted Phishing Attack

Reddit faced a security incident that resulted from a sophisticated, highly-targeted phishing attack against its employees. Conceal’s browser-based phishing protection extension, ConcealBrowse could have helped prevent the attack by adding an extra layer of security to the browsing experience and preventing users from entering their credentials into malicious web sites.

Welcome To 2023 – A Year in Which Everyone Is Still Worried About Ransomware

Ransomware – one of the most dangerous attack vectors in cybersecurity – remains a top priority for organizations going into the new year, but why? According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, ransomware attacks increased by 13% from 2020 to 2021. This jump is greater than the past five years combined. Being front and center for years now, shouldn’t ransomware be under control? CEO Gordon Lawson addresses the current failing strategy and highlights the importance of organizations understanding their tech stack and investing in the right tools to avoid ransomware attacks, such as browser security.

Making the Most Out of 2023 Cyber Budgets

A recent study released by Neustar International Security Council found that only half of the responding companies have sufficient budgets to address their cybersecurity needs. Organizations need to think outside the box when developing their 2023 roadmap to maximize security with their constrained budgets. Introducing ConcealBrowse, an affordable secure browser solution that can help organizations maximize their investment in security, at the edge.

Conceal Threat Alert: Data Breach at MailChimp

A data breach at Mailchimp provided vital information to cyber criminals that could enable them to create highly targeted and especially effective phishing attacks against FanDuel customers. Read about the attack, and how ConcealBrowse’s anti-phishing protection can protect your company from these types of attacks.

Conceal Threat Alert: Government Employees Money Stolen through Targeted Phishing Campaign

In October 2022, CISA identified a widespread cyber campaign involving the malicious use of legitimate remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. Criminal actors sent phishing emails that led to the download of legitimate RMM software which the actors used in a refund scam to steal money from victim bank accounts. The actors used the software to steal banking credentials from government employees.