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Making the Most Out of 2023 Cyber Budgets

Minimize risk at the application layer with an affordable secure browser solution 

Recently, a study released by Neustar International Security Council found that only half of responding companies currently have the necessary budget to address their cybersecurity needs.  With the increased sophistication of the threat landscape combined with the global focus on protecting against cyber threats, especially ransomware, the lack of sufficient budget is a growing concern for the cybersecurity community.  

Furthermore, the study found that only 11% of responding organizations had enough budget to cover their most critical assets.  Securing critical assets is a fundamental responsibility of a cybersecurity program.  Without enough of a budget to cover for this need, organizations are going to need to get creative in their 2023 approach to establishing a sufficient cybersecurity posture to protect crown jewels.  

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck 

A cost conscious cybersecurity strategy requires organizations to think out of the box when developing their 2023 roadmap.  The onion, or multi-layer, approach to cybersecurity allows organizations to look at ways to proactively defend their network at different layers.  The Open Systems Interconnection model, better known as the OSI model, is a popular framework used to maximize the multi-layer approach, breaking down the network by layers of communication and data exchange.  Investing at each layer may not be feasible in 2023 but ensuring that you get the most out of the investments an organization does make will be crucial to maximizing security.  

The seven layers of the OSI model include the physical, data link, network, transport, session, presentation and application layers.  Protection at each layer provides an additional, unique level of protection that a bad actor must go through to get to and cause havoc within an environment.  Protection at each layer can provide unique qualities of security that add safeguards if threat actors are able to bypass the preceding layer(s).  Of the most concerning risks that organizations have on the horizon of 2023 are the continued concerns of ransomware and credential theft.  Minimizing the initial threat vectors associated with these risks will be crucial to organizations minimizing their security risk with their constrained budgets.  Luckily, there are solutions that can address these top risks while providing security to multiple layers of the OSI model.  

Your Affordable Secure Browser Solution

Securing your network at the edge has the ability to minimize significant cybersecurity risk due to its breadth and depth when properly deployed.  ConcealBrowse is your cost effective and frictionless secure browser solution. A lightweight browser extension, ConcealBrowse converts any browser into a ZeroTrust, secure browser stopping ransomware and credential theft that bypass other security controls. Deployed in minutes and seamless to the user, Conceal protects your employees where it matters most, at the edge.  This approach minimizes continued concerns of ransomware and credential theft while providing protection at multiple layers.  By securing your web browser, ConcealBrowse provides security at the application layer and by isolating potentially malicious sessions through our dynamic routing network, the presentation, sessions, transport and network layers also receive a degree of security.  

To find out how our affordable secure browser solution can help you maximize your investment in security at the edge, schedule a demo today.