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Conceal Partners with SBL Cyber Monitoring to Bring Innovative Security Solutions to the Netherlands

SBL Cyber Monitoring adds Conceal’s secure browser extension to help organizations of all sizes monitor and detect malicious activity at the edge to stop credential theft and ransomware

AUGUSTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Conceal, the leader in Zero Trust browser isolation, today announced their partnership with SBL Cyber Monitoring, a Dutch based cyber monitoring organization with the mission to prevent damage from cyber-attacks.

“SBL Cyber Monitoring watches over your IT environment, detects and intervenes in case of incidents, preventing damage to your business by a cyber attack,” said Stef Liethoff, Co Founder of SBL Cyber Monitoring. “ConcealBrowse will help monitor, detect, and respond to potentially malicious activity at the edge, helping not only answer one of SBL Cyber Monitoring’s fundamental questions – ‘Am I able to detect cyber incidents in time?’ but prevent incidents from even happening.”

“Our partnership with SBL Cyber Monitoring is exciting as it allows us to bring innovative security solutions to the Netherlands,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO and Founder of Conceal. “We are excited to work with SBL Cyber Monitoring as ConcealBrowse will help their customers increase their overall cyber resilience.”

ConcealBrowse’s lightweight browser extension converts any existing browser into a Zero Trust, secure browser. By monitoring and detecting new and malicious URLs to determine if they are safe to access via the organization’s network, ConcealBrowse can stop credential theft and ransomware that bypass other cybersecurity controls. If the validity of the URL cannot immediately be determined, ConcealBrowse proceeds to isolate the session through its dynamic routing network to hide and protect the user’s identity and organization’s network.

For the security partner community, ConcealBrowse offers a tremendous opportunity to provide innovative solutions to their customers. By adding a comprehensive malware protection to any browser, ConcealBrowse is a simple, drop-in solution that can easily be added to existing security packages.

About Conceal

Conceal enables organizations to protect users from malware and ransomware at the edge. The Conceal Platform uses Zero Trust isolation technology to defend against sophisticated cyber threats. Conceal is used by organizations of all sizes globally to ensure their users and IT operations remain secure, anonymous and isolated from attacks. For more information, visit