Browser-Based Threat Alert: Meta Highlights Threats Against Business Accounts on its Social Platforms

The Hacker News reported that Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has recently taken down over 1,000 malicious URLs leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT as a lure to spread malware across its services. (We previously reported on attackers using ChatGPT themes in phishing lures.) The increasing use of fake ChatGPT browser extensions by threat actors has led to the theft of users’ Facebook account credentials, ultimately resulting in unauthorized ads being run from hijacked business accounts. 

The malware campaigns primarily target personal accounts of users who manage or are connected to business pages and advertising accounts on Facebook. Malicious URLs with themes like Google Bard, TikTok marketing tools, pirated software, and movies are also being used by threat actors to deceive users. 

When hackers gain control of a company’s Facebook business page through these tactics, the potential costs can be devastating. These costs may include: 

  1. Financial loss: Unauthorized ads run from hijacked accounts can result in significant advertising expenses. Additionally, cybercriminals may misuse company financial data or access credit lines, causing further financial damage. 
  1. Damage to brand reputation: Unauthorized content posted on a company’s social media pages can harm the brand’s image and result in lost consumer trust and loyalty. It may take a considerable amount of time and effort to rebuild the company’s reputation. 
  1. Loss of sensitive data: The theft of confidential business data, such as customer information, trade secrets, or intellectual property, can have long-lasting negative effects on a company’s competitiveness and market position. 
  1. Legal and regulatory consequences: Companies may face legal and regulatory penalties if they fail to adequately protect customer data or if they are found to have insufficient cybersecurity measures in place. 
  1. Loss of productivity: Regaining control of the company’s social media accounts and recovering from the attack’s consequences can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, leading to reduced productivity and potential business interruptions. 

In response to these growing cyber threats, Meta has introduced a new support tool to help users identify and remove malware, verify connected Business Manager accounts, and require additional authentication for accessing a credit line or changing business administrators. 

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