fortifying web security against browser-based threats with SentinelOne Integration

Better Together: Conceal and SentinelOne

Fortify Web Security for Better Detection & Response

In a strategic move that redefines cybersecurity excellence, Conceal joins forces with SentinelOne, underscoring a commitment to delivering an unparalleled cybersecurity solution, combining the advanced capabilities of ConcealBrowse with the robust protection of SentinelOne.

Joint Solution: Conceal + SentinelOne for Unparalleled Cybersecurity Synergy

ConcealBrowse, an AI-powered secure browser, provides a unique vantage point into browser activity critical to detecting phishing, credential theft, and other web-based threats.

This integration enables SentinelOne Singularity Data Lake to ingest ConcealBrowse secure browser telemetry in real time for enrichment and analytics. This provides improved detection, streamlined incident response, and improved threat hunting through the correlation of user browser security events with other security data sources within the organization.

Customers can now proactively monitor risky web activity and intervene earlier in the kill chain to disrupt cyber-attacks.

Key Benefits of Strategic Alliance

Enhanced Protection from Web-based Threats:

The synergy between Conceal’s AI-driven secure browsing and SentinelOne’s endpoint protection significantly lowers the risk of phishing and other web threats, providing a shield of unparalleled strength.

Simplified Operations and Maintenance:

This partnership enhances cybersecurity efficacy and simplifies operational overhead. With vendor-maintained integration, organizations can focus more on strategic defense rather than the complexities of integration management.

Effortless Integration Process:

The collaboration ensures that integrating ConcealBrowse’s capabilities into the SentinelOne Singularity™ Platform is straightforward. This facilitates quick adoption and immediate enhancement of organizations’ cybersecurity postures and improves security time-to-value with ConcealBrowse’s easy-to-deploy browser extension in combination with a validated and seamless integration to SentinelOne Singularity Data Lake.

The Power of Partnership

Unmatched Cybersecurity Defense: The collaboration between Conceal and SentinelOne introduces a revolutionary AI-powered defense mechanism. This synergy provides a comprehensive solution against web-based threats, including sophisticated phishing and credential theft attacks, right at their inception.

Advanced Threat Detection and Isolation: This partnership ensures early threat detection by integrating ConcealBrowse with SentinelOne’s Singularity™ Platform. ConcealBrowse’s unique capabilities enhance SentinelOne’s ability to proactively monitor and disrupt potential cyber-attacks, offering a seamless, comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

Streamlined and Robust Cybersecurity for MSSPs: This technology is pivotal in protecting your client’s infrastructure. Designed for MSSPs, focused on offering two best-in-breed integrated technologies to provide preventative security, differentiating yourself in the market.

SentinelOne and Conceal are best-in-class technology partners for our cyber incident response and managed services practices.

ConcealBrowse is a core technology in our mission to protect users from phishing and web threats.

The partnership between Conceal and SentinelOne marks a milestone in cybersecurity innovation and provides a testament to the power of collaboration in forging a secure digital future. For organizations looking to elevate their cybersecurity defenses, this alliance offers a comprehensive, streamlined, and highly effective solution against the evolving threat landscape.

To embark on a journey toward unmatched cybersecurity resilience with the Conceal and SentinelOne partnership, visit Conceal Support Docs today. Organizations can integrate any security applications and tools, regardless of vendor, into a single platform with codeless integrations, data ingestion, and security actions across hundreds of tools. For more information about Conceal and the integration with SentinelOne, please visit