The Human Element

Case Study: MEI

Discovery and Implementation of Conceal’s Browser Security Solution

MEI’s journey with Conceal began with the recommendation of NGS, which is a testament to the strength of our partners, after an initial meeting that showcased Conceal’s capabilities and aligned with MEI’s requirements for a robust security solution that was low maintenance and easy to deploy. This resulted in MEI embarking on a proof of concept with Conceal. The ease of deployment and the immediate fit of Conceal’s solutions into MEI’s security strategy marked the start of a promising partnership. The implementation of ConcealBrowse was swift and supported by exceptional assistance from Conceal’s team, demonstrating the company’s commitment to customer success from the outset.

At A Glance

Short-Term Goals

MEI sought a security solution that could pass usability tests for both users & administrators, proving its usefulness before considering affordability. Conceal not only met this criteria but exceeded expectations, affirming its place within MEI’s long-term security strategy.

Long-Term Goals

Maintaining a robust, low-maintenance security tech stack that can adapt to evolving threats, with Conceal playing a key role in achieving this objective.

Usage and Integration

ConcealBrowse has become an integral part of MEI’s security infrastructure and is used organization-wide by all users. This widespread adoption underscores the product’s ease of use and effectiveness in protecting against cybersecurity threats. The solution’s seamless integration into MEI’s existing security stack, coupled with fast and easy deployment, has made it an invaluable tool for the company.

Key Features & Benefits

MEI, with its limited IT resources due to being a small team, has found immense value in Conceal’s product, emphasizing its ease of deployment and exceptional support as key benefits. These features are particularly important for MEI, allowing them to focus their efforts on other high-priority tasks while still maintaining a robust security posture. The product’s straightforward “fire and forget” approach, coupled with its role as an initial layer of defense in MEI’s security infrastructure, offers a simple yet effective solution to the complexities of cybersecurity. This efficiency and effectiveness are crucial for MEI, enabling them to enhance their cybersecurity measures without complicating their operations.

Building Trust: Synergy Between Vendors, Resellers, & Customers

The collaboration between Conceal, NGS, and MEI underscores the pivotal role that relationships play in the technology ecosystem, particularly within the cybersecurity domain. This partnership highlights how trust and reliability, fostered through effective communication and shared goals, can significantly enhance the value and effectiveness of technological solutions. NGS’s recommendation of Conceal’s solution to MEI exemplifies the importance of a trusted network of vendors and resellers in guiding customers towards solutions that not only meet their immediate needs but also align with their long-term security strategies. It demonstrates how these interconnected relationships can lead to the successful deployment of innovative technologies, like ConcealBrowse, enabling customers to achieve their cybersecurity objectives more efficiently.

Conceal’s solution has been a game-changer for our cybersecurity posture. It’s not just about the product itself but the peace of mind it brings. It punches way above its weight, offering outstanding value for money. We’ve not only adopted it across our organization but have and will continue to recommend it as one of the most effective ways to improve cybersecurity at a price point that’s rare to find. Conceal has truly made a difference for us.

About Conceal

Conceal’s mission is to defend organizations against web-based threats. ConcealBrowse is a private, lightweight, easy-to-deploy AI-powered browser extension that detects, prevents, and shields users from everevolving phishing, credential theft, and other sophisticated social engineering attacks. By securing the most vulnerable part of any organization, the human using a web browser, ConcealBrowse dramatically reduces the risk of destructive and costly cyber-attacks.

About NGS

With its motto, “Be Transformative,” NGS has made significant strides in the cybersecurity world, bridging the gap between emerging technology challenges and security solutions. Through strategic collaborations with top-tier vendors, NGS offers unparalleled security solutions tailored to modern business needs. Their holistic approach, focusing on delivering more for less, has made them a go-to for businesses seeking to bolster their digital defenses without breaking the bank.