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Case Study: City of St. Peters

Discovery and Implementation of Conceal’s Browser Security Solution

The IT team at the City of St. Peters was introduced to ConcealBrowse after a follow-up at a conference. The team was immediately intrigued by its ability to intercept malicious activity at the browser level and quickly recognized its potential to enhance their layered cybersecurity approach. This product stood out as it offered a solution they hadn’t encountered before—stopping threats before they penetrate deeper into the system.

At A Glance

Short-Term Goal
To provide a hassle-free user experience, requiring no system reboots or additional steps to access the product.

Long-Term Goals
Enhanced network security, additional layers of user protection, and user education on cybersecurity practices.

A Case Study in Browser Security

Key Features & Benefits of ConcealBrowse

  1. Ease of Use

    ConcealBrowse is user-friendly, operating seamlessly in the background with minimal user awareness.

  2. Effective Isolation

    The tool effectively isolates potentially harmful webpages, indicating to users when they are in a protected environment.

  3. Comprehensive Dashboard

    Provides valuable insights into user behavior, trends, and potential threats.

  4. Minimal Admin Overhead

    The product requires little administrative intervention, with few help desk calls and easy integration with existing systems.

Usage and Integration

ConcealBrowse is now fully integrated across the organization, with 500 users operating without any significant pushback during initial implementation. The IT administrator especially appreciates the dashboard functionality, which provides insights into isolated sessions, user behavior, and URL trends. For instance, September was a challenging month, guiding better cybersecurity practices.

“I was immediately captivated by ConcealBrowse’s innovative approach to cybersecurity, specifically its capacity to intercept threats at the browser level. This integration has not only strengthened our layered security strategy but also proved to be a seamless experience for our users once implemented. The comprehensive dashboard has been particularly valuable for me, offering deep insights into user behavior and internet activity trends. Overall, ConcealBrowse has significantly enhanced our network security while maintaining user-friendliness and minimal administrative overhead.”