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Study on Browser Security: Elevating Cybersecurity with ConcealBrowse, a renowned leader in Security Operations Center (SOC) solutions, has partnered with Conceal to Integrate their advanced browser extension, ConcealBrowse, into mSOC’s comprehensive SOC services.

At A Glance

mSOC collected a list of dozens of human-verified malicious phishing websites designed to trick users into entering their credentials and to spoof legitimate logins with the purpose of compromising companies.

mSOC created a laboratory with three competing technologies and checked if they detected that the website was malicious. The results showed:

  • ConcealBrowse blocking/mitigating 91%, outperforming competitors.
  • Nearly perfect in prevention and twice as effective as leading competitors.
browser security study-technology partner-phishing prevention

Shared Goals

Frank Angiolelli, CEO of, emphasizes the need for solutions that are simple, manageable, and integrate seamlessly with existing security infrastructures. CONCEAL’s focus on social engineering protection in web browsers aligns perfectly with’s mission. Gordon Lawson, CEO of Conceal, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the joint commitment to neutralize threats before they cause harm.

Empirical Evidence

In a comprehensive study, tested ConcealBrowse against human-verified malicious phishing sites designed to mimic legitimate logins. The results were staggering, with ConcealBrowse demonstrating nearly perfect prevention capabilities and being approximately twice as effective as its leading competitor.

Benefits of Browser Security

  1. Advanced Real-Time Threat Detection

    ConcealBrowse leverages state-of-the-art AI technology to identify and neutralize cyber threats in real-time.

  2. Comprehensive Protection Against Ransomware and Credential Theft

    By transforming standard browsers into secure environments, ConcealBrowse ensures that sensitive information remains protected, reducing the risk of costly data breaches and maintaining the integrity of organizational assets.

  3. Seamless Integration and Ease of Management

    ConcealBrowse seamlessly integrates into existing security infrastructures without causing disruptions.

“MSPs and MSSPs need solutions that are easily deployed, simple to manage, and seamlessly integrate with other security tools. CONCEAL’s innovative solutions, focusing on social engineering protection in web browsers, align perfectly with our mission to help organizations stay secure and productive. We proudly include CONCEAL as a key part of our SOC solution offerings.”