Browser-Based Threat Report: June 10

Browser-Based Threat Report

Week of June 10th, 2024

ConcealBrowse is leveraged by teams across the world to combat weaponized URLs. The technology is constantly analyzing suspicious web artifacts to identify risks in the form of drive-by attacks, phishing portals, and other threats that materialize while browsing.

At Conceal, your digital safety is our utmost priority. Our weekly threat report for the week of June 10th, 2024, unveils critical insights into the ever-evolving landscape of online threats.

The following report highlights recently detected sites that were deemed suspicious:


SHA-256: d3829579d9551e9d64fd6091ab9950a75c4aa17a3aa0d05913ffea33aebb8f95

browser-based threat 6.10.24

This page was detected by ConcealBrowse on June 5th, the same day other security vendors began reporting. Although it was initially not detected by any vendors, it was then detected by six and is now flagged by 15 for phishing activity. ConcealBrowse intervened with a 22% risk assessment, citing suspicious behavior.

This site is impersonating the login page for a popular online shopping brand. Online shopping accounts may contain information such as saved credit cards or an email address. This data can then be used to steal money from the victim or attempt to compromise other accounts connected to the same email address. While in an isolated session, ConcealBrowse blocks keyboard input and users cannot enter their credentials.


SHA-256: f076b589b3cb190f8f0f6f0475e851c019d260145bccedd0c0dafd1fb43fdc49

browser-based threat 6.10.24

This site was detected by ConcealBrowse on June 5th. The main domain was first seen by security vendors last year, with five vendors reporting it as malicious. Currently, the page is detected by nine vendors for malicious activity. ConcealBrowse intervened with a 20% risk score because of suspicious behavior.

Fake storefronts often take on the appearance of other popular brands to appear more convincing to the user. This site’s domain name is very similar to the legitimate brand, but upon further investigation, the deceptive site is registered to an entirely different organization. These scams may steal user’s money by failing to deliver the product or delivering an illegitimate version. While in isolation, users can interact with the site, but cannot type in any information necessary to make purchases.


SHA-256: 3a278c931ccefdc21db9a125ba7afe14198c7b18dac78b9e4f1d17786dc0f57e

browser-based threat 6.10.24

This page was detected by ConcealBrowse on June 7th and has not yet been reported by any other security vendors. ConcealBrowse intervened with a 16% risk score, due to the detection of suspicious activity.

This site has been seen redirecting to a fake virus notification. These advertisements pretend to be legitimate anti-virus software companies, using legitimate brand names and logos to convince the user that their machine is infected. In this case, the site goes as far as to pretend to scan the user’s machine and find several instances of malware. This information may encourage the user to act quickly, giving out personal information to potential fraudulent sites. ConcealBrowse’s intervention helps users recognize the deceptive nature of these sites to keep them and their information protected.


Valuable Outcomes

As this recent threat reports exemplify, ConcealBrowse offers comprehensive protection against many sophisticated cyber threats. Our advanced threat detection capabilities have successfully flagged and quarantined malicious web pages, preventing users from falling victim to various cyber-attacks. Conceal remains dedicated to upholding the integrity of online interactions, constantly refining our detection algorithms and threat identification protocols to ensure proactive protection against emerging cyber threats. By integrating cutting-edge technology and a robust security infrastructure, we empower users to confidently navigate the digital landscape, knowing that their online activities are shielded from potential harm.

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