Browser-Based Threat Report: June 17

Browser-Based Threat Report

Week of June 17th, 2024

ConcealBrowse is leveraged by teams across the world to combat weaponized URLs. The technology is constantly analyzing suspicious web artifacts to identify risks in the form of drive-by attacks, phishing portals, and other threats that materialize while browsing.

At Conceal, your digital safety is our utmost priority. Our weekly threat report for the week of June 17th, 2024, unveils critical insights into the ever-evolving landscape of online threats.

The following report highlights recently detected sites that were deemed suspicious:


SHA-256: aad290dd5b101cf7cf682ec0ac3d27d4996fc2e5913163c894dd427ebd7fc0bb

browser-based threat 6.17.24

This page was detected by ConcealBrowse on June 14th, with security vendors first detecting the site in May. It was initially detected by 3 vendors, and is now flagged by 15 for phishing, causing ConcealBrowse to intervene with a 28% risk assessment.

Prior to the removal of the site, this page was attempting to harvest credentials via QR code phishing. QR Code phishing involves a malicious actor taking a legitimate authentication QR code and hosting it on their own site. An unsuspecting user then uses the QR code to login to their account with their mobile device, giving the threat actor access to the tokens necessary to steal the account. ConcealBrowse’s intervention helps users recognize deceptive sites quickly, reducing the risk of the QR code being scanned.


SHA-256: 9303785d3973a517df38ad215f29e2475c8baf477f763441c93a34b190a78c92

browser-based threat 6.17.24

This site was detected by ConcealBrowse on June 13th, the day after the first security vendors began detecting the site. It was initially detected by eight security vendors and is now flagged by 15 due to phishing and malicious activity. ConcealBrowse intervened on this page with a 17% risk assessment, citing suspicious activity.

This is a phishing page looking for a cryptocurrency recovery phrase. Recovery phrases are used to recover cryptocurrency wallets if the user has lost access. If the user were to enter their recovery phrase into this deceptive site, a malicious actor would have complete access to the wallet and be able to transfer all currency out of it. Given the value of some cryptocurrency, this can be devastating to the victim, and there is not a way to reverse the transaction. ConcealBrowse’s intervention blocks all keyboard input while in isolation, stopping users from entering sensitive information into suspicious sites.


SHA-256: 9a59dcb47c75b6331f14dda356a2f4b8b35b32cc2ba3440b6262d0c582ca184c

browser-based threat 6.17.24

This page was detected by ConcealBrowse on June 13th, first being reported by security vendors on June 12th. It was initially detected by eight vendors and is currently detected by 13 vendors for malicious behavior. ConcealBrowse intervened with a 21% risk assessment due to the suspicious nature of the website.

This site is phishing for social media credentials. Compromised social media accounts may contain more personal data, such as phone numbers and addresses, that can be used to further target the victim. Additionally, malicious actors may use the compromised account to attempt to phish users in the victim’s contact list. Unknowing users are more likely to click on links from someone they trust, continuing the chain of compromise. ConcealBrowse’s intervention blocks keyboard input and prevents users from entering their credentials into sites while in isolation.


Valuable Outcomes

As this recent threat reports exemplify, ConcealBrowse offers comprehensive protection against many sophisticated cyber threats. Our advanced threat detection capabilities have successfully flagged and quarantined malicious web pages, preventing users from falling victim to various cyber-attacks. Conceal remains dedicated to upholding the integrity of online interactions, constantly refining our detection algorithms and threat identification protocols to ensure proactive protection against emerging cyber threats. By integrating cutting-edge technology and a robust security infrastructure, we empower users to confidently navigate the digital landscape, knowing that their online activities are shielded from potential harm.

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